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5 ways for employers to stand out

5 tactiques des employeurs qui se démarquent

The accounting job market is competitive, and CPAs are highly sought after for their expertise in business management. How do attract them to your company and keep them there? Here are 5 things you can do to stand out and become a preferred employer.

1. Create a culture of collaboration

Set yourself apart by encouraging employees to work together and develop ties by organizing work teams or knowledge-sharing workshops. A corporate culture that promotes knowledge sharing helps create an attachment to the company and strengthens teams.

2. Promote your working conditions

Do you offer flexible work schedules? A summer schedule? Several weeks of vacation? Let your applicants know on your website and in your job postings.

Teleworking gives employees greater independence and lowers their stress and fatigue from traveling to and from work. Individual work-life balance also has the dual benefit of taking pressure off your employees and projecting a pleasant image of your company to applicants. When examinations are coming up, your company could offer study breaks or a flexible schedule. This flexibility is very much appreciated by workers and can attract and motivate talented professionals.

3. Care about their professional development

In addition to a salary, employees want to work in an environment where they can develop their skills. Training is an excellent way to encourage their development while strengthening their feeling of belonging to the company. If allowed by your internal policies, offer to pay for the compulsory continuing education or annual dues of your employees who are members of the CPA Order.

4. Recognize excellence

Stimulate your top-performing and high-potential employees by recognizing them in tangible ways (bonuses, breaks, gifts) apart from pay raises. The important thing is the recognition: Highlighting the achievements and contributions of your employees often makes all the difference. Encouraging the advancement of staff also helps secure their loyalty. If possible, devise a succession plan and implement it for the employees that you hope to promote internally.

5. Seek innovation

In the accounting and finance job market, the employers who stand out are constantly looking to innovate. To set your company apart, find inspired incentives that create a unique working environment in your company. These can be simple measures such as adding a game room, planning a massage therapist’s visit to the office, or even instituting a healthy lunch program provided by a caterer.

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