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5 ways to expand your network

5 techniques pour agrandir son réseau

According to Emploi Québec, around 80% of available jobs are not posted, which is why it is important to develop your professional network! Business networking can also expand your pool of potential clients and provide opportunities to interact with your peers. Follow these 5 tips to make new contacts and strengthen your current relationships.

1. Attend events

Target relevant events for your career and professional plans. Check the CPA Order’s events and participate in the activities of regional groups. Luncheons, seminars, training days and happy hours are all exciting opportunities to connect with other CPAs.

2. Forge new connections

Even though it is nice to converse in great length with old acquaintances, make an effort to talk to new people. Also, introduce your conversation partner to the other people attending the event that he or she might want to know. The more relevant connections you create, the more others will remember you.

3. Engage the conversation

Networking is above all about interaction. Avoid self-promotion: The goal is not to sell yourself, but to create lasting connections. Show sincere interest in your conversation partners. Ask them questions that give them an opportunity to talk about themselves and their professional challenges. The information they give you will guide you: If their company is now grappling with the issue of big data, for example, talk to them about a new business intelligence system you know.

4. Take notes

After these meetings, take the time to trade business cards and note important information about your new contacts. This will help you integrate them strategically in your network.

5. Socialize on line

Don’t neglect LinkedIn, which is a quintessential tool in any networking strategy! Add your new contacts with a personalized message that mentions something in your conservation that you found useful. Continue to build your professional relationships over time by recommending their skills on their profile or reaching out to them from time to time, such as by asking them if they plan to attend the next event of the CPA Order.

You can also join the LinkedIn group of the CPA Order to expand your network.