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Highlight your soft skills

Marie-France Bujold - 37e AVENUE

According to LinkedIn’s 2019 Global Talent Trends Report, 94% of Canadians believe that certain personal attributes, also known as soft skills, are critical in today’s job market and will continue to be in the future. The importance of these skills in the hiring process is also growing—57% of the interviewed recruiters went so far as to state that soft skills are more important than hard skills.

According to this same survey, recruiters claim that in 89% of the cases where the wrong person was hired, the employees concerned lacked people skills. So which soft skills make all the difference when it comes to selecting a candidate?

Creativity is an undeniable asset

It comes as no big surprise that companies are looking for creative types who will bring new ideas with them. This survey reveals that companies seek to hire employees who can come up with innovative ideas that set the company apart.

Another major asset is creativity in the search for solutions. Recruiters are interested in candidates who can adapt to any situation and still propose innovative ideas that solve problems as they crop up. In fact, adaptability ranks fourth among the sought-after soft skills.

Persuasion, a skill in popular demand

In an interview with France Info, Isabelle Roughol, who conducted this research for LinkedIn, explains that persuasion is an increasingly sought-after skill by recruiters. “We saw five skills that were sort of expected, like creativity and adaptability, but persuasiveness was also in the top 5. I found that pretty surprising because it’s something that you don’t necessarily see frequently on résumés…”

The emergence of this soft skill can be explained by some of the changes occurring in the working world. “Organizations are less and less hierarchical,” points out Isabelle Roughol. “All employees have to rally others to their cause and convince them, and that requires persuasiveness; it is a critical skill.”

Working together for the good of the company

Companies are, of course, searching for leaders, but they also want people who know how to work on teams and are willing to work with their colleagues for the good of the company. The concept of working together toward common goals is also increasingly valued by recruiters. It puts the focus on joint responsibility for the work accomplished.

In other words, although companies are looking for certain attributes in their future employees, the interviewed recruiters admitted that it is generally easier to find competent people in their field than people with the sought-after soft skills. This is yet another reason to highlight your personal attributes in your résumé and mention them during your next interview!