Job searching

The 6 steps of a successful job search

Looking for an accounting or finance job? It is often hard to know where to begin. Start off on the right foot by using these 6 strategies to structure your job search.

1. Imagine yourself in your dream job

Knowing yourself is the first step in knowing what you are looking for. Decide which industries, types of jobs and organizations attract you: Depending on your interests, you may lean toward an architecture firm, an agri-food enterprise or even the banking industry. Also, identify your ideal working environment and your goals. Then, use this information as a basis for targeting jobs and listing the companies that interest you the most.

2. Prepare your documents

Read our 7 tips on how to write an effective résumé and cover letter so that you can update your documents and then adapt them to each job you apply for. Also, prepare a list of your references.

3. Consult Espace emploi

You are fortunate to have access to an exclusive portal for current and future CPAs, a key resource for accounting and finance jobs. Regularly check the job board, which is updated every day, and program your job alerts so that you are informed in real time of new positions that match your profile!

4. Sound out your network

Strategically reach out to your contacts and update your profile on professional social media like LinkedIn. Join in the activities of regional groups of CPAs to make new contacts. Read our 5 ways to expand your network for more networking tips.

5. Note your efforts

Note the jobs that you apply for and always keep a copy of the job description and requirements. Record the dates when you sent out résumés, had telephone conversations or meetings with employers, as well as the names of the people you spoke to. That way, you will be organized when it comes time to talk to recruiters and follow up.

6. Stay motivated

Although the CPA placement rate is nearly 100%, a job search takes time and dedication. Consider consulting your university’s placement service for more access to job offers and personalized advice.

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