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Discover the benefits of using our posting service, our rates and our different posting and visibility options.

Our posting service


Gain access to an exclusive pool of over 43,000 CPAs and future CPAs
Take advantage of competitive pricing
Post free of charge your junior positions intended exclusively for future CPAs registered with the Order and a position on your board of directors
Post your job, with your organization’s logo, on the job board for a period of 30 days
Benefit from massive distribution in the electronic newsletter sent to all CPAs and future CPAs
Job alerts emailed to all those who are searching for this type of offer
Various posting and visibility options



Position for CPAs $450
Position for future CPAs only $0
Position on a board of directors $0

Posting and visibility options

Choose from our various posting and visibility options to increase your impact on your target clientele, draw more attention and achieve great savings.

Posting packages

3 postings (Save 10%)
5 postings (Save 20%)
10 postings (Save 30%)
18 postings (Save 35%) $5,265
25 postings (Save 40%) $6,750
50 postings (Save 50%)   $11,250
100 postings (Save 55%) $20,250



No expiry date




Usable by different contact persons sharing the same account

Visibility options

Featured Offer

Steal the show by making your offer the featured offer on the job board for a period of 5 days. 

  Option available when creating your job offer and during the 30 days of the posting

See an example >

Visibility +

Get noticed on the home page by having your organization's logo displayed in the banner featuring employers for a period of 30 days.

  Option available at any time

See an example >

Featured Offer and Visibility +

Combine the Featured Offer and Visibility + options and receive a $50 discount.

Extend My Posting

Extend a job posting by 4 weeks and increase your chances of finding that rare pearl for less money. Only current postings and postings that have ended a maximum of 14 days earlier can be extended.

 Option available at any time during the posting, and for up to 14 days after the end of the posting

* Prices do not include taxes and are subject to change without notice.